Fanelli Amusement Company is proud to have one of the most outstanding safety records in New York and the New England states.  We are licensed and fully insured in each state we operate in.

  • We are State Certified, Inspected, and Insured for:
    • Customer Liability
    • Product Liability
    • Property Damage
    • Workers Compensation
  • Safety inspections are performed daily and documented before operating.
  • State agencies perform inspections on a weekly basis.
  • When searching for a qualified amusement company, it is good practice to check with the Department of Public Safety, Amusement Ride Division.  They will inform you of the history of accidents reported for that company.
  • Ask the amusement company for a copy of their Liability Loss Ratio.
  • Employees wear ID badges and company apparel so they can be readily identified.
  • We have implemented a drug testing program for employees.  This creates a clean, drug-free environment and a great family atmosphere.
  • Each week after every setup, rides are:
    • Serviced
    • Maintained
    • Cleaned
    • Polished
  • Our modern 75' by 200' maintenance shop is a great asset in the performance of ride maintenance.
  • Each ride is thoroughly inspected before going into a winter storage facility:
    • They are checked for wear and tear and parts are replaced.
    • The rides that need more serious attention are stripped down, sand blasted, primed and painted.
    • The mechanical and hydraulic drive systems are sent to the manufacturers and fully tested.
    • New safety features are installed per manufacturer recommendations.
    • Rides are tested using ultra sound testing and magnaflux particle testing.
  • Please visit our Winter Quarter Facility in Greenville, NH.

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