What We Do

  • Our intent is to provide families and friends the cleanest, safest and most affordable entertainment of this type in your community.
  • We cater and contour our midway capabilities to suit your community's special events.  From rides of all types, to special novelty foods and games of skill, to specialty shows. We are totally portable and self-contained, and have the ability to fully power our own midway.
  • Our many midway ride promotions such as Pay-One-Price (most popular) have been a great success on our midway.  Other promotions are well received as like the $1 Day and special discount children's day, where rides are at reduced prices.
  • Fanelli Amusement contracts with both for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as committees that represent fairs, festivals, churches, celebrations, fund raising, special events, special company outings, picnics and general ride rentals, both small and large.  One of our most recent contracts was to provide rides for a winter carnival.  Our equipment is available year-round.
  • We work together with organizations to make sure every detail is thoroughly discussed and agreed upon.  With our consulting capabilities and with over half a century of experience, we know the do's and don'ts of the business.  When you are searching for a midway provider, we will assist any organization in asking the right questions and in promoting a most successful carnival or festival.
  • You will feel confident knowing that a family member is always present during operating hours and our staff are well trained to perform their duties, polite to patrons and well groomed.
  • "Fanelli Amusement Company has provided family entertainment that has helped them earn a solid reputation within our community.  The Fanelli's, their immediate family as well as their extended "family" of workers, have been professional and courteous in their dealings with the public. Their rides and equipment are safe and well maintained.  There are a wide variety of rides and games to appeal to all ages."
       -- Hank Kennedy of Lions International
  • "I want to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude to you and your family for the years of service, dependability and dedication you provided to our festival patrons and the Lake Champlain Balloon Festival.  Your meticulous attention to detail and care of your ride equipment has always made me feel confident of the general public's welfare and personal enjoyment.  Fanelli Amusements has far exceeded my expectations and demands for quality and professional excellence."
       -- Rick Pollack of Lake Champlain Balloon Festival
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